Additional details about available plans for ObjectRocket’s hosted MongoDB offering

The ObjectRocket plans for MongoDB offer a structured pairing of storage and memory allocations for a single Mongo instance (sharded or replica set).

MongoDB storage and memory options

The tables in the following sections show the storage and memory per shard or associated replica set for each MongoDB plan.

ObjectRocket regions

Sharded and replica sets

All storage engines

Plan size Storage RAM
5 5 GB 1.5 GB
20 20 GB 4 GB
50 50 GB 10 GB
100 100 GB 20 GB

Microsoft Azure regions

Replica sets only

mmap storage engine

Plan size Storage RAM
20 20 GB 1.75 GB
40 40 GB 3.5 GB
80 80 GB 7 GB

WiredTiger storage engine

Plan size Storage RAM
20 20 GB 3.5 GB
40 40 GB 7 GB
80 80 GB 14 GB
160 160 GB 28 GB

Plan size storage limits

ObjectRocket offers several tools to help manage the size and scale of your growth as your Mongo data footprint grows. Experts are available to help explain your options. After your data reaches the storage capacity for the instance, ObjectRocket contacts you via opening a support ticket with suggestions and options. You don’t need to do anything to size up your instance to the next plan. ObjectRocket automatically updates your invoice. You can also respond to the support ticket with your questions.

Plan size memory limits

Some applications have memory requirements in their shard or replica set. If this is a requirement for your workload, you should select a plan based on that requirement even if you don’t need that much storage. For example, if your Mongo instance fits within a 20 GB instance, but you require 5 GB of RAM, you should select the 50 GB instance that comes with 5 GB of RAM.