This section provides an overview of the available features on the hosted MongoDB offering at ObjectRocket.


AutoKey automatically applies a hashed index on _id for collections larger than 256 MB that don’t already have a shard key defined. AutoKey operates per collection for collections where performance is most important, or the correct shard key is not known. We recommend working with ObjectRocket engineers to select the best shard key for your use case. For applications and collections that leverage _id hashed for a shard key, let the system handle that. You receive an email notification for every shard key created and applied to a collection.


RocketScale ® is an auto-scaling solution that lets you specify a percentage of space currently used. When your instance reaches that limit, RocketScale adds an extra shard to scale the instance horizontally.

This auto-scaling only adds shards in the current plan size, for example, an extra 5 GB of shards added to a 5 GB shard instance.


If you enable RocketScale without having a shard key defined, RocketScale still adds a shard to the instance, but you aren’t able to use the extra space for any unsharded collections.

Automated compactions

ObjectRocket can automatically handle compactions for you, making sure you’re using the least possible space. MongoDB data files can contain fragmentation due to daily operations, which can sometimes make the database use more space than required. Setting a stepdown window lets ObjectRocket compact your instance weekly, keeping fragmentation in check. You can learn more about the MongoDB space allocation at Understanding MongoDB Space Usage and Why are the files in my data directory larger than the data in my database?.

Daily backups

ObjectRocket performs backups once daily by default. If you need a different schedule, contact the Sales team. ObjectRocket takes backups per instance, and they’re free when you use the default retention period.

Delayed slaves

The ObjectRocket MongoDB platforms let you configure a slave to run an hour or more behind the rest of the cluster, letting you roll back if you notice a mistake. This feature costs extra, but also provides direct access to the delayed slave via a virtual IP address. This feature gives tools and scripts access to the delayed slave. Email the Sales team if you’d like to add a delayed slave to an instance.

AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect lets users connecting from AWS access ObjectRocket data centers via dedicated network connections. See the FAQ for details on Direct Connect links to AWS.

ServiceNet access

ServiceNet connectivity is available within the following Rackspace data centers:

  • US-Chicago-ORD
  • US-N.Virginia-IAD
  • S-N.Carolina-SJC
  • US-Dallas-DFW
  • UK-London-LON
  • Sydney-SYD


The ObjectRocket platform can automatically retrieve IP addresses from your Rackspace Cloud or AWS environment and create an ACL for each of those. This feature is currently limited to retrieving IP addresses from a single AWS region.

New Relic

The ObjectRocket platform can automatically report metrics about your MongoDB instances to the New Relic monitoring service. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up through New Relic.