ObjectRocket hosting platforms

Currently, ObjectRocket hosts our products via two hosting platforms. This section covers the difference between the two platforms and the features of each.

Why multiple platforms?

We customized the original ObjectRocket hosting platform to run datastores on our own hardware and within our own environments.

This platform offers:

  • Compatibility with the Rackspace Cloud

  • Low latency

  • Advanced tuning options

  • Three products: Elasticsearch, MongoDB, and Redis

Despite technologies like DirectConnect that allow us to achieve like-local performance, it was necessary to develop an additional platform. This platform runs natively in Amazon Web Services ® (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and other cloud environments. To accomplish this, we used Kubernetes ® to develop a new, cloud-agnostic platform. Kubernetes, with its maturity and large developer community, allows this new platform to integrate with any cloud.

The new cloud platform offers:

  • Cloud-agnostic compatibility

  • Low latency

  • Advanced tuning options

  • Faster hardware

  • Increased data modernization by integrating new technologies and connecting with different data sources and analytic outputs

  • Four products: Elasticsearch, Redis, PostgreSQL

Offering two platforms allows us to continue meeting the unique performance and hardware needs of our existing customers. At the same time, it also offers a local solution for customers operating in public clouds. In addition to offering datastores in every cloud, this new platform also provides support for new datastores and features that are currently not available on our original platform.

You can access both platforms from our Mission Control user interface, which helps us to support our customers irrespective of their cloud or database needs.