ObjectRocket Elasticsearch FAQ

How do I connect?

You can connect via Elasticsearch’s RESTful API over HTTP/HTTPS or the transport client library for Java API access.

Is SSL supported?

Yes! By using the SSL connection strings provided, we handle everything you need for SSL access using standard https:// links.

Can I setup multiple user types?

Yes, we currently offer admin, read only and Kibana only user roles through the Control Panel.

Is there a free trial?

Yes! Choosing the 1GB RAM / 8GB Disk instance will be free for 30 days.

What other sizes are available?

Check out our Elasticsearch Plans documentation!

What versions are supported?

We currently offer a number of 2.x, 5.x, and 6.x versions in our UI, but please contact support@objectrocket.com if you need something different!

What kind of architecture is this using?

When you build an ObjectRocket Elasticsearch instance, you get a cluster with a total of 11 nodes. We automatically configure 4 front-end client nodes, 2 Kibana nodes, 3 master nodes, and 2 data nodes. All nodes are containerized, which provides guaranteed resources (memory, CPU, disk I/O), prevents “noisy-neighbor” problems, and eliminates the performance bottlenecks of traditional hardware virtualization.

More detail is provided in the Elasticsearch overview documentation.

How much does ObjectRocket Elasticsearch cost per month?

The monthly cost of our ObjectRocket Elasticsearch instances are based on the plan size of the data nodes and the number of data nodes in the cluster. Client, Kibana, and master nodes are included at no additional charge.

Please see our pricing calculator , or our Elasticsearch pricing documentation for more detail.

What plugins are available by default?

We install a few different plugins by default. Please review the default list on our Features page under the Plugins heading.

We can support additional plugins on a case by case basis. Contact support@objectrocket.com if you would like different plugins installed or if you would like us to disable any of them.

What about backups?

We automatically backup your data every 24 hours and retain two weeks of backups using Elasticsearch snapshots. Contact support@objectrocket.com to request a restore.

What are the default number of shards and replicas per index?

ObjectRocket Elasticsearch instances are configured with the standard Elasticsearch default settings of number_of_shards = 5 and number_of_replicas = 1, which means any newly created index will have 5 primary shards, each with 1 replica shard (for a total of 10 shards for any new index). The number of primary shards can be specified per index when the index is created, as described in the Create Index API. If you would like to change these defaults for your ObjectRocket Elasticsearch instance, please contact support@objectrocket.com.