TimescaleDB overview

This section provides an overview of the hosted TimescaleDB offering from ObjectRocket.

What is TimescaleDB?

TimescaleDB is an open-source time-series database optimized for fast ingest and complex queries. It is fully supported by PostgreSQL and connects to any PostgreSQL client without extra configuration.

TimescaleDB is easy-to-use, scalable, and reliable, with robust support for data retention polices. It is faster and easier to user than a standard SQL or NoSQL database.

Reference the official TimescaleDB documentation for more information.

What’s in a TimescaleDB for ObjectRocket instance?

Each TimescaleDB instance includes:

  • Open-source TimescaleDB 1.6 w/ PostgreSQL 11 or TimescaleDB 1.7 w/ PostgreSQL 11/12
  • Availability in multiple AWS, Azure, and GCP regions
  • Managed Backups with 2 week retention and Point-in-Time recovery included
  • Single node and HA (master/replica) configuration
  • Library of additional extensions
  • Customizable instances that include replicas for high availability
  • 24×7 support from Database engineers and DBAs