TimescaleDB features

This section describes the available features for the ObjectRocket hosted TimescaleDB offering.

Single-node TimescaleDB

TimescaleDB is an open source time-series database. ObjectRocket offers a TimescaleDB instance that runs in a dedicated container with administrator access that lets you create and manage databases, users, and anything else you need.

User authentication

User-based authentication manages all access to the TimescaleDB instance. Create an administrator role from the ObjectRocket API or Mission Control interface. With the administrator role, you can then create more roles, users, databases, and other things.

Access control list and IP whitelisting

ObjectRocket blocks all external access to the cluster by default. To connect to the TimescaleDB instance, specify IPs and IP ranges that you want to get to access the cluster. You can grant access during instance creation, or via the IP whitelists in the Mission Control interface.

High availability

Add replicas to your TimescaleDB instance to reduce downtime, protect from data loss, and increase database performance. These replicas automatically replace the main database in the event of a failure. Select this feature during setup by using Mission Control or the API.