Getting started with Redis for Amazon Web Services

This section explains how to get started with the Redis offering for Amazon Web Services (AWS).


This service is currently in beta.

Creating a Redis instance

  1. Log in to Mission Control.

  2. Select Create Instance.

  3. Enter a name for your Redis instance.

  4. Select Redis from the Select Your Service section.

    This Redis service is currently only available with high availability.

  5. Select a version and region from the drop-down menus.

  6. Select Go to Step 2.

  7. Select the appropriate memory capacity.

  8. Select Go To Step 3.

  9. Enter the IP address that you want to grant access to your instance.

    You can also choose to grant access to any IP address or use your current IP address.

    Only the IP address is mandatory, but descriptions can help when maintaining larger lists.



    ObjectRocket denies access by default, so you need to make the appropriate selections to let servers connect.

  10. Select Create Instance to spin up your Redis instance.

Connecting your Redis instance

After creating a database with user authentication and whitelisting an IP address, you’re ready to test basic connectivity in a terminal session:


ObjectRocket does not support any non-SSL connections to Redis, so interfaces like redis-cli, which doesn’t support that, won’t connect.

To test connectivity, use Stunnel or similar applications that support SSL connections.

If you have any issues or just need guidance, contact the Support team.