Mission Control

An integral part of our new platform, currently in Beta, is our completely redesigned management console, called Mission Control.

Login and Authentication

Our new platform in Beta (https://app.objectrocket.cloud), will be using a completely different authentication method than our existing platform (https://app.objectrocket.com). Therefore:

  • Logins created on (https://app.objectrocket.cloud), via Mission Control, are independent of logins on our existing platform (https://app.objectrocket.com).
  • Nothing for a login is inherited from the existing platform.
  • A login in Mission Control changes nothing on the existing platform.
  • We may do more to integrate the two User Interfaces in the future.

In other words, treat logins created in Mission Control as if they’re a new login on a new service.


One of the advantages of our new authentication system is the addition of Role-Based Access Control to the platform.

Though many of the features related to RBAC are not active at this time, we’ll be enabling a number of capabilities in the near-future:

  • All users and instances will be grouped by Organizations. You will create your organization when you sign up (see the AWS Cloud Beta Getting Started Guide).
  • In the future, you will be able to invite additional users to an organization.
  • The users of an organization can have a variety of roles that determine the level of control they have over instances, billing, metrics, and the organization.

Mission Control FAQ

What capabilities are available in Mission Control during Beta?

At this time all main datastore management capabilities have been implemented in Mission Control, such as:

  • Instance creation
  • Instance lists
  • Instance details
  • ACL creation, view and delete
  • Datastore user, view, and delete
  • User Profile Management

While in Beta, there are some minor features that are still only available in the API, but those features and more new functionality will be regularly added to the UI.

How do I get back to the screen where my API token is?

Currently API tokens are managed in the Profile Management screen. You can get there by clicking on the user icon in the top right of Mission Control and selecting Profile Management.