ObjectRocket Cloud Platform Billing FAQ

Where can I find pricing on products in the platform?

Pricing tables are available on our managed service pages.

In addition, the instance create screen in Mission Control displays the price for instances while they’re being configured.

Are free trials available?

New customers to the service receive a $200 credit on their account that can be used to try any of the services available on the platform.

Once the credits have been exhausted, instances will be charged at the monthly rate shown during the instance create process.

How does billing work for ObjectRocket instances?

ObjectRocket billing is similar to many SaaS services in that you pay a monthly fee and that fee is collected up front for the coming month’s usage.

Your invoice date is based on the first day that you create an instance on the new platform. This anniversary date will then act as your monthly invoice date.

Any existing instances will be billed monthly on the anniversary date for the upcoming month’s utilization.

Increases/decreases in capacity or additional/deleted products will be reflected on the following invoice as a prorated charge/credit for the previous month plus the regular monthly rate for the coming month.

How can I see my invoices?

You should receive a monthly E-mail invoice from our payment processor at the E-mail address you use for your organization’s primary E-mail.

Also, the user interface ( Mission Control ), will show the amount and date of the next invoice as well as a list of previous invoices on the Profile Management page.