Getting started with MongoDB offering for for the ObjectRocket cloud platform

MongoDB for the ObjectRocket cloud platform is only available for ObjectRocket Private Database-as-a-Service customers.

This section explains how to get started with the MongDB offering for the ObjectRocket cloud platform.

Creating a MongoDB instance

  1. Log in to Mission Control.

  2. Select Create Instance.

  3. Select MongoDB from the Select your service section.

  4. Select AWS or GCP from the Cloud Provider dropdown.

  5. Select the required region from the dropdown menu.

  6. Select Continue.

  7. Select your Flavor.

  8. Select the appropriate memory capacity.

  9. Select Continue.

  10. Enter the IP address that you want to grant access to your instance. Your current IP is entered by default.

    You should also create a name for this IP address in order to identify it later.


    ObjectRocket denies access by default, so you need to make the appropriate selections to let servers connect.

  11. Select Continue.

  12. Enter a name for your MongoDB instance.

  13. Select Create Instance to spin up your MongoDB instance.

Contact the Support team for additional assistance.