Connecting to your MongoDB instance

Use the ObjectRocket API to securely connect to your ObjectRocket MongoDB instance. There are two ways to securely connect your instance:

  • Use a username, password, and the Certificate Authority bundle.
  • Use a client certificate and the Certificate Authority bundle.

Configure your firewall

ObjectRocket blocks access to your MongoDB instance except for those IP addresses that have been granted access.

Use the following steps to grant IP addresses and CIDRs access to instance.

  1. Log in to Mission Control.

  2. Select your instance.

  3. Select View more details

  4. Select the Firewall tab from the instance details screen.

  5. Select the lock icon in the upper-right corner.

  6. Select Allow Any IP or Use My IP and then select the checkmark. You can also enter the CIDR address and description to to grant additional access.