What is the Curator?

Curator is a tool that allows you to take regular/scheduled actions against the indices in your cluster, based on pre-defined filters. At ObjectRocket, we’ve integrated Curator into our service so you can configure it via the UI and let us handle the day to day maintenance and execution of Curator itself.

Curator functions generally consist of actions to perform and filters to determine which index(es) to take action against. Common actions that Curator can perform:

  • Delete: Delete the indices that match the specified filters

  • Close: Close the indices that match the specified filters

  • Alias: Add and/or remove indices from an alias that match the specified filters. This feature is currently available via Early Access

  • Create: Create a new index. Today, this must follow a Delete/Close action.

Curator Support

We currently use Curator behind the scenes for regular tasks on our platform. However, we do not yet offer an interface for customers to add and manage their own Curator tasks.

We will be adding self-service Curator configuration soon, but for now ObjectRocket support can help configure any Curator tasks you would like to use on your cluster.