ObjectRocket PostgreSQL Alpha Program


We currently offer a hosted PostgreSQL product, in Alpha, on the new ORv5 platform. This is an alpha product, intended for test and performance evaluations. The key features of the service are:

  • Single node PostgreSQL 11 instances
  • Security via Access Control Lists (ACLs) / IP Whitelists and user authentication
  • Database Management via Mission Control

Feature Detail

Single Node PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a go-to open source relational database and a staple of many web applications. As a preview of what’s to come on the ObjectRocket service, we’re offering single-node PostgreSQL instances for test and evaluation purposes.

What you’ll get is a PostgreSQL instance running in a dedicated container with administrator access to be able to create and manage databases, users, and anything else you need.

User Authentication

All access to the instance is gated by user based authentication. Via our API or control panel, you can create an admin user that then can be used to create additional roles, users, databases, etc.

ACLs / IP Whitelisting

While in Alpha, we’re not supporting the standard security features, like TLS, that we generally would on an ObjectRocket product. However we do offer the ability to limit access only to approved IP addresses via our ACLs.

All external access to the cluster is blocked by default. To connect you must specify IPs and IP ranges that you will allow access to the cluster. This is accomplished during instance creation, or via the ACLs API endpoints

PostgreSQL Alpha FAQ

Why Can’t I connect to my instance?

In order to connect to your PostgreSQL instance, there are a few steps:

  1. First you’ll create an instance either via our API or Mission control
  2. When the instance is ready, you’ll add ACLs for wherever you’re connecting from. This is your external IP address as viewed from our service.
  3. Create a PostgreSQL admin user via our API or UI.
  4. On the instance details screens (or in the instance list API response), you should see a connection endpoint that looks something like postgresql://<username>:<password>@ingress.w98sujpz.launchpad.objectrocket.cloud:9999/. You’ll use that connection string in your client of choice while filling in the username and password you just created.
  • For example: With the pgsql command line client, the string above converts to something like psql -h ingress.w98sujpz.launchpad.objectrocket.cloud -p 9999 --username=mypguser -d postgres

What is Alpha?

Our goal is to enable you to test our PostgreSQL service as we develop it and provide feedback as early as possible, so we’ve released the product without some of the key features that we feel a Beta requires.

At ObjectRocket we feel very strongly about security, availability, and ultimately support. During the alpha, features like TLS and backups are not active. Also, during this alpha phase, we are not offering any official support from our engineering team.

However, as we move towards an official Beta, you will see us continue to add features and then offer limited support.