Modern applications use more than a single database, but connecting them together is a pain. We built Data Connectors to simplify your life and let you focus on your application. We do all of the heavy lifting of scaling and moving your data around. We’ve provided answers to the basics below, but you can always contact us at:

What is a data connector?

A Data Connector is an easy to use, no fuss, continuous near real-time data synchronization between disparate data sources and data outputs. Set it and forget it! Seriously, it’s just that easy. Think of this as similar to a Logstash or Transporter agent that you never have to be bothered by.

Which databases can I connect?


MongoDB’s flexible data model and dynamic schema allow you to quickly build modern apps, while Elasticsearch expects fixed schemas and tabular data but is ideal for searching and data visualization. Our data mapping wizard and automatic schema analysis take the headache out of configuration and maintenance. It’s as simple as defining a source and destination and you’re on your way to search and analytics of your MongoDB data.


This connector allows you to very quickly ingest tweets into an ObjectRocket Elasticsearch instance and view the results in a pre-built Kibana dashboard.