CockroachDB flavors

CockroachDB with ObjectRocket offers the following two flavors with different storage and memory allocations.


  • Low cost
  • Standard throughput with basic storage needs
  • For workloads with limited resource requirements
  • Disk type: AWS GP2


  • Multi-use or complex CockroachDB deployments
  • Balanced performance and cost
  • For high throughput or resource requirements
  • Disk type: IO1


ObjectRocket offers the latest stable CockroachDB version.

Plan size storage limits

We offer several tools to help manage the size and scale of your growth. As your CockroachDB footprint grows, we have experts standing by to help explain your options. After your data reaches the storage capacity for that instance, we reach out by opening a ticket with suggestions and options. If you want to size-up your instance to the next plan, you don’t have to do anything. We automatically adjust your invoice. Respond to the ticket with any questions.


You can also use our API to add storage capacity to your CockroachDB instance.

Plan size memory limits

Some applications have certain memory requirements. If this is the case for your workload, you need to select a plan based on that requirement, even if you don’t need that much storage. Be sure to select the flavor and plan type that provides enough storage and RAM for your application.


You can also use our API to add memory capacity to your CockroachDB instance.


Within the limits of the selected plan, we monitor and add nodes as necessary to increase your available storage and balance CockroachDB to optimize performance across all nodes.