CockroachDB Features

3 Node HA clusters

CockroachDB was created to be able to scale and provide high availability, so all instances on our service run in 3+ node clusters.

In addition to the HA provided by CockroachDB, failed/problematic nodes are automatically replaced by our Kubernetes-based platform, so we can ensure that your cluster is always up and available.

CockroachDB Admin UI

Baked into CockroachDB is an Admin UI that provides visibility into key metrics and the status of your CockroachDB cluster. We provide access to this UI for all CockroachDB users.

IP Whitelisting

All external access to the cluster is blocked by default. To connect you must specify IPs and IP ranges that you will allow access to the cluster. This is accomplished during instance creation, or via the ACLs API endpoints

User Authentication

When you create a new cluster on our service, you’ll also need to create users that can be used to connect to the database. These users can log in with a password or client certificate.

These users will have an admin-like role that can perform all of the functions of CockroachDB, except create databases. Creating and managing databases is performed via our API.