AWS Cloud Beta FAQ

ObjectRocket’s new platform is currently in Beta. This platform allows users to launch Elasticsearch instances running natively in AWS. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about our Beta.

Why a new platform?

Our current hosting platform is very customized and tuned to run datastores in our own environments and on our own hardware. Despite technologies, like DirectConnect, that allow us to achieve like-local performance, there are still other reasons that a platform natively running in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and others is needed.

To build this native platform, we started from scratch with a Kubernetes-based platform. Kubernetes, with its maturity and large developer community, has allowed us to quickly create a new platform that we can drop in any cloud.

In addition to offering datastores in every cloud, this new platform will also allow us to support new datastores and features that are currently not available on our current platform.

What’s included in the Beta?

Currently, the Beta includes the Elasticsearch and Kibana on AWS. We will be adding other datastores and clouds soon.

The Beta consists of a free trial period and will transition to a fully supported paid service shortly before officially launching the service without the Beta label. Pricing and dates for this transition to paid will be announced with a minimum 30 day notice before the transition occurs.

During the Beta, users will be able to:

  • access our new UI, called Mission Control
  • our new API,
  • create, manage, use and delete Elasticsearch instances.

Initially the UI will only handle authentication and create API tokens; All instance management will be handled via the API. However, features will continue to be added during Beta, including instance lists, instance create, and instance management.

Elasticsearch AWS cloud Beta details

  • Highly Available 3-5 node clusters
  • Includes Kibana, Cerebro, and other plugins
  • Elasticsearch version 6.x

Consult the API for specifics on supported versions and sizes.

How can I join?

Sign up via Mission Control. You will create an organization and a payment profile (for when we transition to paid services). Once sign up is completed, you’ll have access to the UI and API where you’ll generate an API token and create instances via the API.

Our documentation and a walkthrough are available in our API Documentation.

Are you providing support during Beta?

Initially, support provided will be best effort during business hours. There will be no response and uptime SLAs during the free Beta period. However, the same support channels as our other products will be used and we would love to hear your feedback, questions, and requests on our new platform.

Tickets can be submitted in ZenDesk or by E-mailing our support team. Be sure to indicate in your support requests that you are a Beta user.